How to survive the office bake-off: do's and don'ts

So someone in your office has suggested a bake-off. Here are some basic survival tips to ensure you aren’t left with egg on your face!

Don’t leave it till the night before

1) you probably won’t have all the ingredients at home and will end up driving to your local petrol station at 11pm looking for chocolate sprinkles

2) you probably won’t bother doing it now if you have already left it this late. Just pop to Waitrose on your way into the office and buy a lemon drizzle cake (just make sure you hide the wrapper...)

Do consider your packaging

Although it IS what’s inside that counts, your co-workers WILL judge you if your cupcakes are sliding around inside an old takeaway pot

Don’t follow the recipe

Go on... be wild, throw in that extra dash of rum

Don’t choose a cheesecake for your ‘bake-off’

Cheaters! Unless it’s a ‘baked’ cheesecake of course

Do praise others

They have probably put more thought into this bake-off than you so try not to poke fun at Dave's 'unfortunately shaped’ loaf

Do offer cake to your superiors

They don't give a s*** that you’ve made a cake, but offer it anyway. It shows you’ve put time and effort into something outside of the office and want to share it with them

Don’t forget altogether

Someone in your office suggested a bake-off and you agreed... Always do sober, what you said you’d do drunk!

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