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We are delighted to introduce you to Your Excellency Limited, a training and coaching organisation with 12 years in business. Headed up by Director and former EA Lindsay Taylor, Your Excellency’s learning and development offerings are designed specifically for us in our diverse and challenging roles - including accredited EA/PA Qualifications.

Your Excellency Limited are signing up new learners to their Qualifications with start dates in September 2019. More details of the course content can be found in their Menu of Learning downloadable from their website here.

I caught up with Lindsay over a coffee to find out more about the qualifications – here’s our conversation. Lindsay can be contacted on and please quote “CWPAQUALS” when you make contact :)

What makes your learning and development offerings different from what’s already available for EAs and PAs?

Great question Alice! One of our marketing stap-lines is about “creating the difference that makes the difference” so we absolutely need to ensure we’re “walking the walk” as well as “talking the talk” where our learning and development offerings are concerned!

If I could hone in on the qualifications in particular to answer your question, these are accredited by the IAM (Institute of Administrative Management) one of the oldest professional bodies for business and admin managers here in the UK. That means the content, delivery and standard of our qualifications have met a stringent criteria to ensure they are the most up to date and relevant to you in your profession. I believe my first-hand experience of the role (I worked for 12 years as an EA) adds to my credibility when delivering many of the training Units – I’ve “been there”, “done that” and have probably experienced many of the challenges and delights that you have in this interesting profession!

The Units of our Qualifications cover lots of topics relevant to the PA profession – Marketing, HR, Finance, Minute Taking and Communication Skills to name a few. Specialist topics are delivered by our Associate Trainers with first-hand experience of these topics – they’ve worked (or are currently working) in these sectors. All our Trainers believe in fun, interactive learning and ensuring new skills that are shared are absolutely relevant to you and can be instantly put into practice. It’s all very well attending training but you really need to come away with clarity around how and when you will put your new skills into practice to benefit you, your Director/Managers and your organisation as a whole.

The thing I love about the quals is that you can choose which training courses you want to attend – so in effect you’re pulling together a bespoke training programme that works for you in terms of dates and topics. We make sure class sizes are limited to 14 so you get lots of interaction with the trainer and our support continues throughout your learning. We recognise that this might be the first time you’ve had to write an assignment since leaving college or uni (or maybe you’ve never had to do this!) so we’ll be on hand to help you with any questions you have.

I think I saw a testimonial on LinkedIn from someone who’d just finished the Level 3 qualifications who seemed very pleased with the course!

Thanks! Yes. We receive great feedback from our graduates praising us on our personal support with the qualifications.

One of my favourite quotes from a Level 4 learner was something to the effect that “there’s a copyrighted theoretical name for that process?! But we’re doing this every day!!” which really brought to home that we are often working a management level and implementing leadership/management strategies without realising we are. The training often “legitimises” our working practices and can act as a massive self-confidence boost!

So, is there a time limit for completing the qualification?

We recommend you complete the qualification over a year. For the IQ/IAM Level 3 Award in Professional PA & Administration Skills, there are 12 one day face to face courses to choose from – by attending 5 of your choice and completing written assignments in those you can achieve an accredited qualification that looks great on your CV and demonstrates to your employer that you’re serious about this profession and taking your career to the next level.

We also deliver a Level 4 qualification – the IQ/IAM Level 4 Certificate in Office and Administration Management - which consists of 4 two day face to face courses – attending 3 of these and completing written assignments can result in a Level 4 qualification. As I’ve said, the Level 4 has a great focus on leadership and management with lots of introductions of theories around conflict resolution, motivation, decision making and problem solving.

How much are the qualifications Lindsay?

So, the Level 3 (that is 5 X one day training courses) is £2,200 with a one off payment of £80 to register you as a learner. The Level 4 (that is 3 X two day training courses) is £2,400 with a one off payment of £80 to register you as a learner. You get student membership of The IAM during your period of study. Upon completion of the course you can then upgrade (at cost) to full membership. If you’re already a member I can offer 15% discount on the quals prices too. Where are the training courses held? We normally use etc venues at Bonhill House (Old Street). If you’d prefer one-to-one training rather than a “classroom” style we’re happy to discuss this and if there’s a group of you from your organisation we can deliver inhouse too. We’re pretty flexible. When are the next courses being held?

So, we have scheduled a date of 16th & 17th September for the first Unit of the Level 4 – “The Role of the Executive PA” is a fantastic Unit to start your learning off with as it includes discussion on the evolution of the role and the challenges you face. We are planning “Principles of the Use of NLP to enhance communication” in September for the Level 3 – with a date to be confirmed at the moment.

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