Meet our Partners over at Liquid Diamond! 💎🥂

LIQUID DIAMOND is a new, premium and innovative wine brand with a simple premise. To be the most desirable and the most tasty wine on the shelf of the shop YOU buy from. We believe, now more than ever with the with rise in importance of social media and shareable content, that wine needs to look great and taste great too in order to get consideration from savvy (and busy) shoppers!

Going back to the very beginning, LIQUID DIAMOND came into being when I was planning to start my own business. I have been in the wine trade for a decade and have worked on some really successful brands such as i heart wines (10 years old this year and already a top 10 wine brand!) and Freixenet with its beautiful cut glass bottle: I am sure many of you are familiar with both brands. I asked my wife for some ideas and she had lots of suggestions of cool names for wine labels, but there’s a difference, a big difference in fact, between a nice looking label and a brand. A brand is something that is memorable and instantly recognisable by other people, and provides you as the brand owner with a point of difference that makes customers come to you. Well, my wife Clara is a HUGE fan and user of healing crystals. Its how she gets energy and uses them in her chill time for her in amongst a hectic life with full time job and 2 crazy children! They are the way she practices what we have come to recognise as ‘self care’; doing something that makes you happy, calm and the way to access positive energy. We chatted about the fact that more and more people are using crystals and they are showing them off on Instagram, and there is a celeb movement towards using them too, with KKW, Adele and Victoria Beckham among those that have dabbled in the recent past. So the idea was to harness the beauty of the crystals themselves and create a brand that celebrated their natural colour and shine; this comes through in the colour and tasty crispness of the wine. Light gold and rose gold colours in the Prosecco and Sauvignon Blanc reflect the stones and the premium clear glass also adds to the focus on the colour of the wine itself. The diamond in the name is homage to the healing crystals that gave us the idea in the first place whilst also being desirable and premium win their own right. As we’re a new brand on the scene we came up with the pun ‘your new best friend’, because who doesn’t love wine and diamonds!? It’s also really important to share our customers’ pictures of them enjoying their experiences of LIQUID DIAMOND. Yes, we’re the brand but we have tapped into, and created a wine to go along with, an already big trend of crystals, self care and wellness, and so we want to see how our loyal shoppers are interacting with us. We always say ‘it’s not our story, its yours’ and we mean it; we want LIQUID DIAMOND to be the go-to choice for our target market to help celebrate whatever the occasion you are enjoying.

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