New Year, New Role…How to Kick-start Your Job Search in 2020

Emily Bain, MD and co-founder of Bain and Gray, takes a look at why now is an ideal time to find a new position…

The dawn of a new decade is a chance to put in place resolutions for the year ahead and to forge new plans in and out of the workplace. Of course, quitting chocolate or committing to going to the gym three times a week can be difficult, especially with the dark mornings and evenings – but if your motivation is strong, you can reap the rewards of new directions.

Changing jobs is also something the majority of Brits plan and succeed in doing in the first few months of the year. A survey by website Glassdoor revealed that New Year is the time that most people are likely to look for new positions, and it sees 17% more job applications in January than in a typical month.

It’s not a huge surprise that this is the case. Having typically spent a week away from work over the Christmas break, it’s natural for employees to reflect on their career and where it is taking them. And, of course, the New Year is always synonymous with change.

It is important however to consider whether a career change is really right for you. Whether you are embarking on a new role or looking for a promotion within your current workplace, a change-up requires thinking and discussion to ensure you are taking the right path.

To help you on your journey, we’ve identified some helpful ways in which you can make the best decision for you:

Due diligence

Before you even consider applying for a new role at an organisation, it’s crucial you carry out plenty of research into the business and how it operates. So much information that can be accessed online and through social media platforms, you can’t help but be well informed about your potential new employer.

Don’t prioritise salary

Some believe that money is the key to everything, but sadly this just isn’t always the case when it comes to finding a new role. You may come across a position that pays an eye-watering salary, but the company culture simply isn’t a good fit with your own morals. As such, it’s important to remember that job satisfaction is more important than the pay-check, and it’s crucial to weigh up both when choosing a new direction.

Clicking with the company

A job interview is the ideal way to gauge how well you will ‘click’ with the company and its ethos. Remember this is your chance to find out as much about the company and its culture as you can, and not just their opportunity to grill you.

Getting a promotion

A survey by revealed that 16% of people had made a New Year’s resolution to get a promotion at work. If you deserve better recognition, it’s important to prepare some hard-won evidence with your line manager. They are likely to want to understand why you think you deserve a change of role or salary increase, so incorporate examples of where your ideas have paid off and made a difference to the business.

Cleaning up social

It’s commonplace for recruiters and hiring managers to take an in-depth look into any candidate’s social footprint when they apply for a role. We recommend a scan of all your social media platforms to remove any content that could scupper your chances of landing the job. Your online brand should be perfect for the world to see.

CV writing

Your CV is still the best reflection of you as a winning candidate; therefore, it needs to be up-to-date and error-free. Consider passing it on to a friend or trusted colleague who can check for any errors. There are also various online templates to assist you when it comes to the layout and appropriate length.

Find an agency

Lastly, it is always worth doing some research into recruitment agencies who specialise in your field and can guide you through the maze of looking for a new role. For example, Bain and Gray focusses on boutique secretarial, PA and EA roles and nurtures candidates through all stages of application, selection, interview and induction in new roles.

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