Uncomfortable is the New Comfortable!

Our comfort zone is something that we’re all familiar with and we like it because it’s exactly that, comfortable! You see our mind doesn’t like the uncomfortable and the unfamiliar so when we tend to take action on something that is unfamiliar aka uncomfortable to us, our mind puts on all the brakes!

Have you noticed how fear and anxiety kicks in when you attempt to do something that feels a bit ‘stretchy’? One of the things that I notice coming up with my clients as they build their Virtual Assistant business is their fear, anxiety and imposter syndrome around showing up on social media.

This is huge for many Assistants, especially as they are used to being in the background and

putting their Executive in the limelight. It’s unfamiliar for them and it produces cortisol and

adrenaline and effectively puts us into fight and flight.

I’ve heard my clients say things such as ‘what if people don’t like my post’, ‘what if no one

comments’, ‘what if I put it out and there’s a mistake’ (hint you can edit), ‘what if my content isn’t good enough aka ‘what if I’m not good enough’. Have you noticed all the what ifs here? It’s the ‘what ifs’ that keep us safe aka stuck in our comfort zone.

I understand what it's like as a recovering people pleaser, perfectionist and over thinker (well

mostly). In fact, I still remember putting out that very first post on social media for my business and feeling absolutely terrified!

I soon realised, like my clients have, that our fears are there to keep us stuck and playing small and that when we do become visible nothing bad actually happens. It's just the stories we tell ourselves in our head and we get to change the playlist!

Interestingly while I was on a coaching call with a client the other day, we explored how many hours she was spending worrying about posting on social media. From what others thought about her content, whether they would read it, whether they would judge her, whether it would get any likes.

This is what we discovered...

2 hours a day and 4 hours at the weekends worrying about what other people might be thinking. Resulting in...

  • 18 hours a week | half a day a week

  • 78 hours a month | 2 and a half days a month

  • 39 days a year!

When we break it down like that, we realise how much of our time we spend worrying about

things that don't serve us. Just by taking action, imagine for a moment how much time we'd free up from worrying. What would your life look like if you gave yourself permission to let go of the attachment to the outcome and let go of the vanity metrics on social media? How much calmer would you feel?

I want you to know that you ARE enough and that you get to show up authentically for who you are, whether that be on social or just in life